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Topic: Newest OpenOffice as an unc-file
started by: meo

Posted by meo on Oct. 29 2006,22:58
Hello everyone!

As seen of the topic I would like to see that someone that has the skills made an OpenOffice-2.0.4.unc to be used with the latest version of DSL. I use OpenOffice a lot and would really appreciate if someone would take on this challenge.

Have fun,

Posted by WDef on Oct. 30 2006,16:14
Hi there meo, haven't seen you around as much in this forum for a while?

I miss all the old gang's posts .. (thankfully Mikshaw and AwPuch are still here, and Clacker put his head up the other day).

Is that a new version of OOo ?

Posted by meo on Oct. 30 2006,20:00
Hi WDef!

Well I have been busy (moving to another place) and a lot of other things have taken their tribute too. Yes that's the latest OOo there is and at least it has been overwhelmingly praised at the homesite and since I prefer DSL I'd like to give it a try preferrably as an unc-file. I made an attempt to understand the compilation procedure myself but since I'm an selflearned enthusiast it didn't work out. Just now I saw that firefox 2.0 has been released as stable too. So I hope some mercifyl soul creates an extension of that one as well. Okidoki that's all for now.

As always have fun,

Posted by roberts on Oct. 31 2006,01:17
I just received email that it has been built for DSL and should arrive soon. I will keep an eye out for its delivery. Look for it soon.
Posted by roberts on Oct. 31 2006,17:18
Thanks to user JB4x4, we now have this.
See testing area for announcement.

Posted by meo on Nov. 01 2006,08:56
Hi there!

Thanks a lot JB4x4 for making this extension. I've just downloaded it and tried it out a little. I was a little confused when the toolbar didn't appear at the beginning but when opening a document or starting a new it appeared. So thanks a lot! Now I'm just waiting for firefox 2.0 and some other apps. Much appreciated.

Have fun Y'all,

Posted by meo on Nov. 01 2006,11:27
Hi again all!

I have to correct myself in what I said about the toolbar. Out of habit I clicked on the first line in the OO-menu and that was office. When clicking on  the right one (the one I meant to, "writer") the toolbar is there as usual. I'm sorry for the mistake and after a little more exploring the extension seems to work just perfect. Thanks again!

Have fun DSL-fans,

Posted by Juanito on Jan. 27 2007,07:41
What happened to the openoffice unc - I checked the testing, unc and applications areas and I couldn't find it?
Posted by JB4x4 on Jan. 27 2007,09:49
The OpenOffice extension ended up a UCI.  Look in here < >
Posted by Juanito on Jan. 27 2007,09:57
Thanks - didn't think of looking there...

When I tried the uci, I got stuck in a loop - I right-clicked on the icon and chose the "Word" equivalent, got asked to register and then got an error that a file was corrupt (I hadn't even got to the file menu at this stage). OO then said it would fix the file but kept coming back with the currupt file message - there did not seem to be a way to get out of this loop?

Posted by fairhonanth on Jan. 29 2007,01:32
Hello everybody!!

I have some problems with de manager - myDSL. See when a click in download, a have de response - Non DSL user error!

I'm just don't know what to do!!

Can you guys please help me!! Thanks!

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 29 2007,03:09
Juanito: did the md5 check go ok?

fairhonanth: log in as user 'dsl'

Posted by Juanito on Jan. 29 2007,04:08
The md5 check went OK - I only use the machine with OO at the weekends so I 'll have another try in a few days.
Posted by fairhonanth on Jan. 29 2007,20:22
I did`nt check with the md5dum!!

Can you give me the correct link to download dsl

Thanks a lot!!!!

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