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Topic: AbiWord chrashes reproducably
started by: zapyon

Posted by zapyon on Nov. 02 2006,12:23
Hi everyone.

I just installed DSL 3.0.1 on an ancient donated laptop, a Toshiba Satellite 220CS with a P133 processor, 48 MB of RAM, a 1.5 GB harddisk and a 3COM PCMCIA network adapter (10 MBIT). --

Installing was a story of it's own that I might write down later. I was very happy to see how easy MyDSL makes it to install additional software and AbiWord was high on my list as I tried to use DSL's Ted with a DSL 1.5 on the same laptop half a year ago but found it almost unusable for my purposes.

Installing AbiWord was a breeze. But when I wanted to adapt the settings for the default styles ("Normal", headings, and so on), it crashed on me. This is reproducable -- at least on my machine:

* open the MyDSL Extensions browser and select AbiWord from the "Apps" section.
* install it.
* open AbiWord
* from the "Format" menu open "Style" -> "Create and Modify..."
* Chances are that the style "Normal" is selected. Click on the "Change" button (I think that's the name; acutally I am writing this from somewhere else ;-). The according dialogue window opens, but after less than a second the whole app crashes and disappears.

I tried many times, starting from the command line did not provide any sensible information.

* Can anyone confirm this problem?
* Can this be related to the hardware (48 MB seem to be enough RAM, plus there is a RAMdisk of 128MB)
* Is there any fix for this?

Kind regards


Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 02 2006,13:32
I don't know thing one about abiword, but is it possible that the styles were removed from the mydsl package?
Posted by zapyon on Nov. 02 2006,21:48
I don't think they were removed. The standard styles exist and you can use them, just opening the dialogue for changing a style makes the app crash.



Posted by roberts on Nov. 03 2006,04:29
I am no power user when it comes to DSL apps, but when I click the Modify button, another large dialog box appears. No crash. Don't know what to do there, but, do you get that far? If not, perhaps, other extensions are loaded that may have changed a library? Describe further please. Or boot DSL with base and no restore options then load Abiword and it.
Posted by zapyon on Nov. 03 2006,12:20
This is exactly when AbiWord crashes on my machine. I click that modify button, the dialogue opens -- and crashes but a second later.



Posted by roberts on Nov. 04 2006,16:51
If you are using many application extensions then hat happens when you boot DSL with option of

boot: dsl base norestore

This will insure that no other extension is causing the problem. Then try abiword.

Also, how much memory does you machine have?
If small amount, try abiword.unc

Finally, open a regular xshell and run Abiword like this:
$ /opt/abiword/abiword
hopefully you might see what may be causing your problem.

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