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started by: tjl iroc

Posted by tjl iroc on Nov. 08 2006,14:00
I just installed DSL to an old 333mhz Dell
I downloaded openoffice from the myDSL program
it made a menu myDSL and under it openoffice and when I click on Write nothing happens (it won't load at all)
I have the problem with all the my DSL programs I have tryed to install

whats the newbie doing wrong?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Nov. 08 2006,14:54
Out of memory?  How much ram do you have?  OO is quite large, I suppose you could run it if you have a huge swap - how much swap (if any) do you have?
Posted by tjl iroc on Nov. 08 2006,18:20
the ram is 64mb but it doesn't aprear to be using it all
one part of the hard drive is set at 128mb and the second is set at 3.7 gb

Posted by kuky on Nov. 13 2006,17:45
Is OOo.uci or OOo.dsl?

in OOo.uci works fine with 64 mb ram and celeron 300 ,in my pc ,if  is OOo.dsl need 300 mb of said.

Posted by abracadabra on Nov. 15 2006,06:39
I have a similar problem. I have a 366mhz / 192mb / 390mb swap. I dl'd openoffice (it was a tar.gz file) and it placed icons on my desktop once complete. When i load the mdsl openoffice extension the swap file gets used and goes from 0mb used to 190mb used. this all seems normal i guess. but when i click on any of the oo icons the system does nothing. Please help!
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Nov. 15 2006,15:29
Use the uci version.
Posted by tjl iroc on Nov. 21 2006,20:45
I got it to work  :angry:
I changed my screen settings from 800 by 600 to 1024 by 768
it all works now  :angry:

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