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Topic: Emacs as an extension to DSL
started by: meo

Posted by meo on Nov. 16 2006,23:13
Hello everyone out there!

Here I am requesting an extension again. I really like emacs and prefer it over any editor. I have installed it in a remaster but I would prefer to have it as an extension. So if anyone is inclined and have the skills I would really appreciate if someone could make this extension.

Have fun everyone,

Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 17 2006,03:43
Although I'm a die-hard vim fan, the recent announcements of an upcoming emacs release got me thinking about it, out of simple curiosity if for no other reason.

I'm not saying i will definitely make an extension....usually if a program's installation requires a lot of additional libs and other bother that I don't think are necessary for a particular application I will probably just dump it and stick with the simpler stuff.  Emacs has always seemed to me to be an excessively fat program that puts too many eggs in its basket, but I figure if I'm ever going to experiment with it a uci would be the ideal method.

That probably didn't sound too encouraging, did it....

Posted by dtf on Nov. 17 2006,13:23
mikshaw - I did build a private emacs which I use but I have not tried a uci.  The dsl is 32M as I did not trim it down at all and I do not have menu.lst entry but it built without much hassle.
Posted by meo on Nov. 17 2006,22:17
Hi guys!

That sounds kind of promising. Perhaps I can expect emacs as an extension soon. We go way back emacs and I so it would be much appreciated.

Have fun out there in cyberspace,

Posted by meo on Dec. 04 2006,11:23
Hi there!

I guess there won't be any emacs extension for DSL. Will there?

Have fun all DSL-fans,

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