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started by: donaldduck

Posted by donaldduck on Nov. 28 2006,19:29
I have downloaded open office and it is sitting in a file on my hard disk.  What is the next step to get it so that I can  run the program and write letters and etc.  I'm new to DSL.  I had some problems installing on the hard disk and to get the internet connection working.  I have overcome these problems but would sure like to use open office.  I also want to install thunderbird  Just a little help would be great
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Nov. 28 2006,19:33
Post your tips and tricks here.  No 'help me' type posts please.

Wrong place to put this.

But openoffice is already available as a mydsl extension complete with icons, etc.

If you want to use your downloaded one, you'll first need to extract it (check the extension), before running it.

Posted by donaldduck on Nov. 29 2006,07:32
I have clicked on the icon mydsl and clicked on the openoffice 1.1.4 I clicked on download up popped a window with a tem/ file what do you add to this to make the program download.

I have downloaded office 2.0 but I don't know how to install. it was down loaded with a file name openoffice 2 with the extension tar.gz install.  when I click on this nothing happens  This old gray haired guy need to have more hand holding.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Nov. 29 2006,13:48
clicked on download up popped a window with a tem/ file
tem?  I think this is where it downloads the file, but this extension requires a lot of ram if running frugal/livecd.  Try the UCI versions (see UCI or Testing - testing has the newer OO).

If you have trouble downloading, you can manually download it from > downloads > mirror > mydsl > uci/testing

Posted by donaldduck on Nov. 30 2006,07:33
It all sound so easy when I read your help suggestions and when I read the FAQ section.  It spells it our in detail.  Put I have some problems.  When I click on mydsl Icon I can select a number of different blocks.  One of which is Appn, Testing and etc.  I make my selection of program that I want to down load, click on download and I get a second screen with a box tem/ I have tired to add things in the box but nothing downloads.  The only place that I can download the openoffice in directly from there site.  I have downloaded for a Linux operating system and It is shown in my file manager.  Just how do I make an install of this program.  In the directions it said that I could open the file manager and highlight the file that I want to install.  then it ask to click on the mydsl button.  this button is not in my window.  so at this point I'm stuck
Posted by Juanito on Nov. 30 2006,09:41
You could try this:

Open a terminal window, then

# wget -c "" /path-to-my-HD/openoffice.tar.gz


# wget -c "" /path-to-my-HD/openoffice.org2.0.uci

If you put the openoffice.tar.gz file in the root directory where you boot DSL it will load automatically. If you put the openoffice.tar.gz file in /optional in the root directory where you boot DSL it will appear in the right-click DSL menu.

Or, this might work

# mydsl-load /path-to-my-HD/openoffice.tar.gz

I never used a *.uci so I do not know how to load them.

Remove the quotes "" from "http..." before using the wget command.

Posted by donaldduck on Dec. 01 2006,06:26
Try as I might I just can't get it to work.  I'm sure that there is a way.  Maybe because the dsl I installed in my computer was the RC4 version.  I will have to say that the dsl operating system works great.  it is quick but not so easy to use.  If I could just get open office to work along with thundrbird for the e-mail I know it would be great. The biggest problem is that I dont understand or just not smart enough to use Linux.  I have used windows for so long and it does not require you to think it just works!
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Dec. 01 2006,17:05
I have used windows for so long and it does not require you to think it just works!
Not quite - you are used to windows and know how to use it (and doesn't always work either ;p).  If you get a new computer user, it is much more different.

I'd recommend for you to use the uci version, unless have a lot of ram and/or want it running off ram.

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