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Topic: [request]x264
started by: under_

Posted by under_ on Feb. 12 2007,06:18
since avidemux cant be compiled in xdsl, can someone compile x264 with mp4 output support for me please?
in uci would be great since it'd be easier for me to test things.
Or compile mencoder with x264 support.


Posted by WDef on Feb. 12 2007,10:31
I've been working intermittently on a new mplayer/mencoder/transcode etc etc uci containing lots of things.  It's been a long time coming, truth is I wearied of it, but will get back on it soon.  

While I could get x264 to compile with some effort, I could not get mencoder to be happy with the lib regardless of cpp flags etc (which is not to say it can't be done, and I might have another crack at it with a fresh sources checkout).  So I can provide an x264 binary, but not mencoder support as yet.

Good news is this: I got the GPAC framework to compile with support for lots of things (considerable fiddling), so you will be able to make and edit MP4 containers  :=)

I also have coming a partner uci to the above full of dvd authoring apps.

Posted by under_ on Feb. 13 2007,06:34
thanks for the heads up, appreciate your work =D
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