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Topic: help installing python
started by: SD14

Posted by SD14 on Nov. 14 2007,00:38
ok so i am a noob when it comes to installing things in linux so i was wondering if any one could tell me how to install python 2.5 in dsl cause i am lost completely
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Nov. 14 2007,01:36
See MyDSL.  It's specific to DSL.
Posted by SD14 on Nov. 15 2007,00:09
ya i looked in mydsl and didnt find it is there any other place i can get it?
Posted by roberts on Nov. 15 2007,00:19
Look in the Testing area. There is both a python-2.3.uci and a python-2.5.uci
Posted by SD14 on Nov. 15 2007,00:20
i have looked there and it isnt there for me is there any way to update the list or something
Posted by roberts on Nov. 15 2007,05:00
What kind of install?
What does your download mirror point to? (cat /opt/.dslrc)
Are you using the MyDSL GUI tool or a browser?
If browser what url are you trying to use?

Posted by SD14 on Nov. 16 2007,01:41
i have an hd install, i dont know were it is pointing to, yes i am useing the gui
Posted by Juanito on Nov. 16 2007,05:30
I just used the mydsl extension tool, clicked on the "testing" button in the middle at the bottom and both python-2.3 and python-2.5 show up.

What happens when you try this?

Posted by roberts on Nov. 16 2007,10:53
If the mydsl extension tool is blank, then make sure that  you have interenet working and the mydsl directory has proper permissions.

For a traditional hard drive install, the default is /tmp/mydsl/ Normally this location should not have a permission issue. But with a tradtional hard drive install, who knows.

Posted by SD14 on Nov. 16 2007,20:51
when i click on testing i get items that popup just not python is there any way to like update the list or somethng?
Posted by roberts on Nov. 17 2007,01:23
Ok. I suspect that at one time you may run the process at user root thereby preventing the list from be writeable by user dsl.

Check for a file by the name of info.lst

Normally this file is removed unsucessful use of the extension browser. You may still have it and with not the proper permissions it would appear to still work but not get updated. Therefore no python in the list.

You can delete this file (info.lst), likely you will need root power to do so.

Posted by SD14 on Nov. 17 2007,01:29
were do i look for this file at
Posted by roberts on Nov. 17 2007,01:38
Are you user 'dsl' and on the X desktop?
Open a shell window from menu or icon.


Post results here.

Next type:


Post results.

Next type:

ls -l info.file

Post results here.

This is why I recommend frugal installs over traditional. Frugal can always boot into a known state. Traditional hard drive installations on any OS can suffer from system rot.

Posted by SD14 on Nov. 17 2007,01:56
whoami = dsl
pwd = /home/dsl
ls -l info.file = ls: info.file: no such file or directory

and i tryed a frugel install and it wouldnt work for me

Posted by roberts on Nov. 17 2007,02:42

cat /op/.dslrc

Post results.

Posted by SD14 on Nov. 17 2007,02:51
no such file or directory
Posted by roberts on Nov. 17 2007,03:14
Click on DSLpanel, click on Select Mirror, click on Select.
You should get a list of sites via the internet, choose one close to your location. Doing this should populate /opt/.dslrc with your choice.

Then try using the extension browser again.

Posted by SD14 on Nov. 17 2007,03:33
when i select  a different mirror i still dont get python
Posted by SD14 on Nov. 18 2007,15:42
ok i have downloaded python from one of the mirrors but i did it with the web browser and now i need to know how to install it cause when i try and load it nothing happens
Posted by Juanito on Nov. 18 2007,17:14
Open a terminal window by clicking on the "ATerminal" icon and enter this:
Code Sample
$ mydsl-load /path-to-file/python-2.5.uci

Posted by SD14 on Nov. 18 2007,18:17
when i do that this comes up
/tmp/python-2.5.uci on /opt/python-2.5 type iso9660 (ro,loop=/dev/cloop1)  
umount: /temp/python-2.5.uci: not found

Posted by Juanito on Nov. 19 2007,03:30
Is the extension in /tmp or /temp - maybe just a typo in your post above?

Do you have a folder /opt/python-2.5? Does it contain files? Note that the first time you use the command "mydsl-load /tmp/python-2.5.uci" it will load/mount the extension and the second time it will unload/unmount the extension.

Posted by SD14 on Nov. 19 2007,19:58
ok i have gotten it to mount but when i right click and go to mydsl it isnt there
Posted by roberts on Nov. 19 2007,21:18
Python is not an application.
It is a programming language.
It does not have a menu item or icon.

If you open a shell window and type python
You should see the Python interepter prompt.

Posted by SD14 on Nov. 19 2007,23:12
ok i got it working now but is there any way i can open a new window
Posted by stupid_idiot on Nov. 20 2007,10:55
Do you mean a new terminal window? Just click the 'terminal' icon in the desktop bar. You can open as many terminal instances as you want.
Posted by SD14 on Nov. 20 2007,17:32
no i mean a new window for python like in windows there is an option to open a new window were you can type all the code you want and it doest disappear when you hit enter
Posted by curaga on Nov. 20 2007,17:35
That's not really python, that's just the GUI of the Windoze version of it..

Python is compiled like Java.. So you can write in a text file, with any of the included editors (try "nano") and then compile it..

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