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Posted by W6LQR on Mar. 08 2008,16:53
Running DSL 3.1, installed on a hard drive.

Applications that wortk -

Abi Word
Cine Print

Others that don't -


are there some prequisits that I'm missing?


Posted by lucky13 on Mar. 08 2008,17:35
Did you read the info pages for those?
Posted by curaga on Mar. 08 2008,17:35
Well, at first glance everything is OK. Those are .dsl extensions without anything specific required.

In what way do they not work?

Posted by W6LQR on Mar. 09 2008,04:39
Wine - hard drive activity like it installed but no Icon, not in menu

gMFSK - same as above

TWLog - Icon ans seems to run but won't save any data

Xlog - seemed to install but won't run

I was able to locate files for the above, each in their own directory and wonder if there are some missing support files?


Posted by curaga on Mar. 09 2008,05:41
Not all apps include an icon or a menu entry - they are not supposed to, for they might not do anything by themselves like Wine. You use those apps from the console, like "wine notepad.exe".

for twlog and xlog I'm not sure what causes that.

Posted by jpeters on Mar. 09 2008,07:46
Apps such as gpsk31 require a device to be loaded, or you get a segmentation error (e.g., cannot open audio device /dev/audio )
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