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started by: Divago

Posted by Divago on May 06 2008,08:49
Hi all
dunno if this is the right place to post it but i could assume is it ('cause is related to mydsl and to some apps)

i got a dsl installed on hard drive; i got several machine similar
i got an app created by a mate; to upgrade or modify this on all machine we started creating a .dsl file
so we can load it into /mnt/hda1/mydsl directory and make it self-extracting self-installing etc

then we created a script that automatically download new version, copy it into /mnt/hda1/mydsl folder and install it launching mydls-load command
then: it ask for password. root password.
and this is a problem 'cause mydsl-load is issued by a script (so we cannot inpout password on it)
how can i make mydsl-load not asking for password?

ty for answer

Posted by lucky13 on May 06 2008,12:14
how can i make mydsl-load not asking for password?

Check the permissions of your extension. Are you running as user dsl?

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