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started by: meo

Posted by meo on May 15 2008,10:51
Hello everybody!

I like K3B and would like an update to this extension that works with gtk2. The size of the extension doesn't matter to me since I'm currently running DSL from an 16 GB SDHC card. It's really slick I might add. Just like a post stamp in size but like 1 mm thick (1/24 of an inch). And the micromate that it comes with isn't that much bigger and has an usb contact so it is found as sda1. So if anyone feels inclined and have the skills (which I'm lacking) I really would appreciate this update.

Have fun with this incredible distro as is DSL,

Posted by lucky13 on May 15 2008,12:11
K3B is a kde app so it uses qt instead of gtk. There's already a version in MyDSL.
Posted by meo on May 15 2008,12:32
Dear lucky13!

I know that there is a version of K3B in the repository and I'm using it. The problem is that it will not work when gtk2 is loaded as I explained in "The Testing Area". Furthermore K3B is now available in a higher version. So (as I stated) what I am hoping for is an UPDATED version of K3B that will work when gtk2 is loaded. Well clearer than this I don't think I can explain it.

So keep on having fun,

Posted by lucky13 on May 15 2008,14:27
Out of curiosity, what does the most recent version have that the one in MyDSL lacks (iow, what features do you want that you don't already have with the version we have)? And out of even more curiosity (perhaps you can reply to this in the relevant thread), what does the gtk2 extension have to do with qt/k3b?
Posted by meo on May 15 2008,14:59
Hi again lucky13!

When it comes to why I want an update it is just as I stated in my previous post (and there we also have the relevance to this section of the forum), that I want an extension that "WILL WORK WHEN GTK2 IS LOADED" (Note that this is a quote from my previous post. So everything you have asked an explanation for was there already from the beginning, so read more carefully before posting answers in the future). And if someone will make a new extension I can't se any reason to use the source code of an old version of K3B. So the bottom line is that the version of K3B that is available in the repository doesn't work when gtk2 is loaded (read gtk+-2.12.9). So I just want an extension that works under the conditions previously mentioned. That's all.

Have fun,

Posted by lucky13 on May 15 2008,15:31
I also note that you used "UPDATED" in caps like that and referred to a newer version. Again, what is in a newer version that you need that's not already in the existing one?

FWIW, I don't know why there'd be any conflict between the new gtk2 UCI and k3b.dsl since they don't share common apps or libs and whatever k3b uses should be in /usr instead of /opt (and vice versa). Have you tried unmounting the gtk2 extension again to see if k3b works again? Just doesn't make any sense to me.

Posted by curaga on May 15 2008,16:01
lucky13, meo does say in the post that unmounting the uci did not help. Please do read the post.
Posted by lucky13 on May 15 2008,16:20
Please do read the post.

I did and, yes, it's somewhere in there in between life stories about how big which remasters are and which doo-dads are the size of a stamp and twinkles of an eye. Amazing how much more detailed everything but the actual problem can be. Thankyouverymuch. :p

edit. I still want to know why something that's not a problem before using another extension necessitates an upgrade of the unoffending extension. Seems the thing to do is fix the other one first if there's even a problem with it.

Posted by meo on May 15 2008,19:03
Hi again lucky13!

If you follow the thread you'll see that what I mentioned was a direct answer to Jason W. And frankly I don't care if you still don't understand the issue. To me it seems that you just want to argue instead of trying to understand the problem at hand. Well that's your choice, but everything is there if you really want to grasp the point with this thread, and I'm getting tired of repeating everything that I already have mentioned. So a short advice: Read carefully and think about what it means instead of nagging all the time.

As always have fun with DSL guys,

Posted by lucky13 on May 15 2008,19:16
Fine, you're saying you can't actually name a feature in k3b-current that's absent in the one in MyDSL. That's all I was asking.
Posted by meo on May 15 2008,20:21
Hi lucky13!

No it's not what you presume. Read again!

Have fun with this incredible distro,

Posted by lucky13 on May 15 2008,22:31
Three pages into the thread and you haven't named one significant difference between the version of k3b in MyDSL and -current. Except "Furthermore K3B is now available in a higher version." So it has a different version number. Woohoo.

Since I do read (quite well), it's nice to see that there isn't an issue between that extension and k3b after all: "I've tried out starting K3B some times now. It works just fine with gtk+-2.10.9 up and running." Imagine that.

Back to the issue of updating k3b. You also wrote earlier: "if someone will make a new extension I can't se any reason to use the source code of an old version of K3B."

I can think of several reasons why someone would, especially given the size of qt. Such as the relationship between increase in size between versions and -- PLEASE pay attention to what *I* write here -- the number and/or quality of feature differences between versions. It helps to know if there's more of an advantage to making an upgrade if you know what's been changed beyond the version number. But that's not important enough for you to answer, is it, just keep pointing me to the non-issue of GTK2.

I asked out of curiosity because I was going to offer to do it and separate things so other K applications could be compiled into UCIs. Now I'll go watch tv instead. Beggars, choosers, and that kind of stuff. Maybe you'll learn to do it yourself. Or learn not to bite the hands feeding you.


Posted by meo on May 15 2008,22:53
Hi again lucky13!

I can see that you finally have read more careful but you still haven't got it all, and I didn't know that a person has to have a specific reason to be able to use the newest software. I just like it, and what I can do I do myself, and if not I put out a post about it. But there is no need to be ruud in my opinion. But as I said before, you can choose what you want in this respect. There is a proverb (I think it comes from Israel but I'm not sure) that I think fits the beginning of your posts in this thread, and it says, freely translated to english: "The one who talks (or writes) before he has heard (or read carefully) for him it is a shame."

Have fun out there all you DSL fans,

Posted by lucky13 on May 15 2008,23:15
Listen, I did read what you wrote and very clearly. It isn't my fault you presumed that there was a connection between one extension working and another. I INTENTIONALLY LEFT THAT OUT OF THIS THREAD AND ASKED -- OUT OF CURIOSITY -- WHAT THE LATEST VERSION OF K3B HAS THAT THE ONE IN MYDSL DOESN'T AND YOU HAVE WHIFFED EVERY OPPORTUNITY AT ANSWERING IT.

The only thing I was interested in is whether there was a very compelling reason other than version number to upgrade an application with a compressed size already the same size as DSL's ISO. Now your pressing reason is "to be able to use the newest software."

BTW, that saying definitely suits you. You have a lot of nerve calling me rude after suggesting I was presuming or not reading when I limited my questions to the one about features in k3b. That's especially germane now that we know it wasn't what you suggested -- that k3b works even with gtk2 loaded. Time waster.

Posted by WDef on May 15 2008,23:47
At the risk of getting my head bitten off:

There are other reasons than features for seeking a later version of an app.  iirc the k3b extension is rather old.

It would be reasonable to expect some development had occured in the intervening years.

However I believe k3b is just a front end for growisofs as far as dvd burning goes - same goes for tkDVD.  So if what you want is better (however that is defined) dvd burning, you probably want a better growisofs.

Meo: would a recent growisofs extension  meet your needs ie are you content burning from the command line?  If so, that is doable I imagine.  

Admittedly k3b is a nice gui.

Posted by meo on May 16 2008,00:08
Hi WDef!

It's now almost 2 AM here in Sweden and my eyesight is getting kind of blurry. But after about 10 years tweaking with linux I still don't feel to comfortably with the commandline. I'm still just a selflearned enthusiast. I kind of have bits and pieces of knowledge about linux. For me it's easier to compile a kernel than figuring out the simplest thng sometimes (I had what I call a Gentoo period when I compiled new kernels almost daily). And when It comes to burner programs I just prefer K3B. I've always liked it. Thank you for your post. Now I have to hit the sack.

Have fun out there,

Posted by lucky13 on May 16 2008,00:32
There are other reasons than features for seeking a later version of an app.  iirc the k3b extension is rather old.

It would be reasonable to expect some development had occured in the intervening years.

Indeed. Unfortunately, the k3b site doesn't have a full changelog so I can't see what's new between the version in MyDSL and current. I can see a few entries that appear to be mostly bug fixes.

It would be illuminating to know if there are any particular features, options, etc., available now that aren't in the "old" MyDSL version -- and, as you asked, if those are obtainable without resorting to an extension roughly the same size as DSL. Different strokes for different folks.

Instead, I get lectured to read between muddleheaded meanderings about miniature media devices and how big someone's remaster is -- details about everything but the issue at hand and which we don't need to solve problems -- and then rudely scolded and chided for not addressing some supposed GTK2 issue instead. I was just trying to get information to help.

Time to cast my pearls before other swine.


Posted by Jason W on May 16 2008,01:48
k3b does not work "out of the box" in DSL 3.3 or later, at least for me.  It works fine in DSL 2.4, with or without gtk+-2.12.9.  I am curious if anyone has it working in these later DSL versions, and how they got there.  That would shed some light on the gtk issue as well as whether there is a need in general for a newer/reworked k3b extension.  Thanks.

Posted by meo on May 16 2008,08:23
Hello again Jason!

I'm now using DSL version 3.3 "vanilla" or out of the box. K3B starts just fine even with gtk+-2.12.9 loaded but not set up. When I have set up gtk+-2.12.9 it also seems to work if it is started from emelfm as root using the full path to the executable. But the xshell "twinkle of an eye" behavior starts when gtk+-2.12.9 is set up. Exactly the same behavior as before when I used my remastered version of DSL version 3.3. Some things I might mention even if I don't know if it is relevant. I'm using an K3B extension that I converted into an .unc extension following Roberts instructions in the matter and I'm using the DSL-embedded version on an usb-pendrive. That is all I can think of that might be different in your setup compared to mine. Further than that I can't get as xshell doesn't work now.

Keep on having fun using DSL,

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