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started by: AwPhuch

Posted by AwPhuch on Oct. 14 2005,17:50
There is no "General" MyDSL thread so I put this here

Is there any way to get links to screenshots of the MyDSL apps

I know alot of people would appreciate them

I will attempt to get as many as I can done..however...I dont have an internet connection at my house currently and my my DSL machine is currenlty a 133Mhz laptop with 32Meg of RAM, someone with a more stoubt system could probably whip all of em out in a day or so


Posted by l0st on Oct. 15 2005,07:32
I might as well start off.
< >

Posted by mikshaw on Oct. 15 2005,19:34
here are a few more:
< >

Posted by rossjman1 on Oct. 16 2005,18:08
Most apps have screenshots of the app on their homepage. I did the games, because they should look the same no matter what system they are on...
Abuse - < >
Ace of Penguins - < >
ACM - < >
Armagetron - < >
A Steroid - < > (MyDSL ver. .5)
Barrage - < >
Briquolo - < > (MyDSL ver. .5)
Bugsquish - < >
Cgoban - < >
Cromium - < >
Circus Linux! - < >
LxDoom - No screen. Original Doom in a very small x window.
Xjig - < >
eboard - < >
Enrapture - < >
Frozen Bubble - < >
Hexxagon - < >
Koth - < >
LinCity - < >
Penguin Command - < >
SdlRoids - < >
Super Tux - < >
Torcs - < >
xBoing - < >

Posted by Your Fuzzy God on Oct. 17 2005,17:00
Here are a few more.  Hope this is what you want.

--MyDSL Apps--


Photoshop 7

Oops!  You said MyDSL apps.  Reorder'd.

Posted by Caspar_s on Oct. 29 2005,16:35
Ummm, Photoshop?  If I could get that working, my wife might try DSL out...

How are you running that? Thanks

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Oct. 30 2005,02:17
Runs great in wine.

The real trick is getting Wine to run in DSL~


Posted by Your Fuzzy God on Oct. 31 2005,15:55
I run version 7 and its run really well.  Here is what you need to get it running like a champ...

1.  Get < xwine.dsl >
2.  In your ~/.wine/config file change:
         "Windows" = "win98"
    and add:
         ; default for all other dlls
         "*" = "builtin, native, so"
         "uxtheme" = ""

3.  Install Photoshop using "sudo wine /path/to/photoshop/install"

4.  Once Photoshop is installed you have to open a terminal and cd to the install dir and then run "sudo wine Photoshop.exe."  Otherwise things like "save for web" won't work (go figure).  To get around this I made a desktop icon that opens a script.  Make the 'command' line for your icon look like so:

Command: aterm -title "Photoshop Loader" -e /home/dsl/

The scipt just contains this (make sure you chmod it correctly)

echo "Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Loader"
cd /home/dsl/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Adobe/Photoshop\ 7.0/
sudo wine Photoshop.exe 2>/dev/null

If you have any problems installing, PM me.

Posted by cjgau on Nov. 09 2005,14:54
Thanks Fuzzy; I will give it a try also.


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