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Topic: gdesklets!
started by: Qwert

Posted by Qwert on Oct. 17 2005,19:58
someone can make a dsl package? I don't know what I have to do a package!

please! :)

Posted by Your Fuzzy God on Oct. 17 2005,20:16
Gdesklets has a lot of dependency issues and is almost impossible to install on DSL without taking hundreds of Mbs of space.  I made a pogo.dsl extension a while back.  < Check it out >.  It's not as nice as gdesklets, but you might like it all the same.  The Pogo website can be found < here >.  If you have any problems with the .dsl file, let me know.

Hope this helps,

Posted by Qwert on Oct. 17 2005,20:48
thanks!! :laugh:
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