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Topic: How finish myDSL???
started by: soberon

Posted by soberon on Nov. 24 2005,14:41
Dear sirs...
I used myDSL for download and install Gaim and Open Office. Open Office icons appears in the screen and when clicking everything works very well.
On the other hand, Gaim icon APPEARS TOO in the screen, but do not work at clicking; in icon's properties says: Command: /usr/bin/start_gaim
very different than in OO properties where says:
Command: /opt/openoffice/soffice -calc
What is the matter??? What I'm doing wrong??? (I'm newby at 100%)
Your advices will be much appreciated. Thanks :D

Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 24 2005,15:02
You should always read the *.info file associated with a myDSL extension.  Some packages require extra steps to use them, such as installing additional packages.  In this case, gaim requires gtk2.  I think you also need to "enable" gtk2 as well, though i can't say from experience.
Posted by soberon on Nov. 25 2005,14:13
Thanks Mikshaw for your kind response, BUT I did it unsuccessfully before posting.... I did enabled gtk2, apt-get and even Synaptic; downloaded everything exposed in .info and so on. The funny thing is that Open Office was downloaded and installed OK... but Gaim not.
By "trial and error" in console, I find some about pango errors. Finally, the informatic guy who knows Linux in my office (he is on charge of servers and is a "geko"), was doing a lots of maneuvers without fruits.  :(
Have you another tip?? I will appreciate it  :laugh:

Posted by RandomPrecision on Dec. 06 2005,01:44
I just did a similar thing earlier today.  Just to make sure, I downloaded Gaim before Gtk2, which clearly didn't work.  After running and installing Gtk2, it still didn't work - but when I downloaded Gaim again, it worked perfectly.  So just make sure that you install Gtk2, then try to run a fresh copy of Gaim (using the Gtk2 menu, since the other versions of Gaim seem to have extremely limited success in DSL, at least on my box).
Posted by soberon on Dec. 06 2005,05:55
Thanks RandomPrecision...
You where right at all!!!  :D

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