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started by: lovdsl

Posted by lovdsl on May 05 2006,02:22
I have left my hd install of dsl running for a week or so and every day I open all the programs to test if they are working.

then I connect the cable and open opera  and read the forum.

after disconnecting I sometimes play a game, or play with dia, thats it.

today when I clicked xjig it would not open

I opened emelfm and went to /usr/x11R6/bin/dsl-xjig and executed and it works fine.

went to flux menu and path is same

tryed a shutdown reboot

backed off dsl- and /usr/x11R6/bin/xjig will open via menu

but dsl-xjig will not...odd or what

adding..before I shutdown and rebooted..I exited X..several referances to xjig and the creater name....likely for each time I clicked the item..restarted x....same so reboot.

Posted by lovdsl on May 05 2006,23:32
Ok....still no luck..maby there was a dslxjig file in home dsl that accidentally was deleted...I did collect a bunch of notes and reorganized them and deleted the many for a few..may have made a mistake...maby will try a reinstall...thanks :)
Posted by mikshaw on May 06 2006,03:05
it's possible that /usr/X11R6/bin/dsl-xjig has been removed or altered in some way, but i couldn't say for sure unless i could see some error messages.

Have you tried the newer uci version of xjig?  It's the same binary, but includes a gui frontend that should make it more friendly. It has a bug or two, but nothing serious.

Posted by lovdsl on May 06 2006,11:26
The /usr/x11R6/bin/dsl-xjig seems to work fine if I go to the file in emelfm and execute just will not open via the had been working via menu and the drawer also.

The only thing I did to alter it was to add 4 pics to the lib directory which also worked fine and still do via emelfm exec...the pics were added just after install.

I did not alter the path in the menu but did copy it to the drawer...but as I say..they both worked..then strangely not...

there does not seem to be an error message of any kind..only the referance for each time I click the menu item or drawer icon which shows when you close just says- xjig  2.4 by helmet heonig and a date I emelfm nothing when menu item clicked..

.when I exec via x11R6/bin and put a puzzle together and push esc to exit the message is xjig 2.4 by HH....terminated

.The only unknown is a power outage..when I returned I had to type the # remount,rw line and sudo reboot...had not tryed the puzzle after..just opened and closed the main programs to check...

If the x11R6/bin/dsl-xjig was altered it could only have been via the unclean dismount caused by the power outage...

here is the file

num_pics=`ls -Al "$pic_dir" | grep ^- | wc -l | tr -d ' '`
xjig_pics=`find "$pic_dir" -name *.gif`

/usr/X11R6/bin/xjig -no_crop -ts 64 -side 2 -file "${pic_array[$((RANDOM%num_pics))]}"

here is the menu item
[exec] (DSL-xjig) {/usr/X11R6/bin/dsl-xjig}

.Did not yet try xjig reinstall and will try the uci if that fails...thanks..appreciated.

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