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started by: Nougat

Posted by Nougat on May 14 2006,05:40
This may not be the place to post this; if not, let me know.

I'm running DSL HD install, and just installed xmame from MyDSL.  It's really screwed up my desktop.

All the text in the toolbar is teeny, the DSL (start) menu is incorrect, seems to show only the contents of MyDSL.  The 'active' color for titlebars and the taskbar is now red.

Everything works, at least what I can get to.  But being a n00b, I'm at a loss as to how to repair this.  Also, it certainly points to a MyDSL module that doesn't work properly.

Posted by Nougat on May 16 2006,01:56
Got it.

The xmame MyDSL extension adds a superfluous </Menu> tag in /home/dsl/.jwmrc  Looks like this (in part):

<!-- MyDSL Extension Menu Placeholder -->
<Menu label="myDSL">
<Menu label="XMame">
<Program label="1943"> /usr/games/xmame 1943 </Program>
<Program label="Asteroid"> /usr/games/xmame asteroid </Program>
<Program label="Berzerk"> /usr/games/xmame berzerk </Program>
<Program label="Centipede"> /usr/games/xmame centiped </Program>
<Program label="Frogger"> /usr/games/xmame frogger </Program>
<Program label="Missile Command"> /usr/games/xmame missile </Program>
<Program label="OffRoad"> /usr/games/xmame offroadt </Program>
<Program label="Outrun"> /usr/games/xmame outrun </Program>
<Program label="Tempest"> /usr/games/xmame tempest </Program>
<Program label="Zaxxon"> /usr/games/xmame zaxxon </Program>
<Program label="Falling Tower"> /opt/Xjump/xjump </Program>
<Program label="Go Game"> /usr/games/cgoban </Program>
<Program label="ACM Game"> /usr/games/acm </Program>
<Program label="INSTALL Alien"> rxvt -rv -T "Installing Alien" -e /opt/aliendebs/install_aliendebs </Program>
<Program label="lincity game"> /usr/games/xlincity </Program>

I took out one </Menu> tag after the Zaxxon entry and restarted.

Why was this difficult?  Because without the menu, I was not able to switch to fluxbox.  (Remember, I'm a n00b.)  I was able to restart using the shutdown -r now command.

How did I find this solution?  I dug around in Emelfm until I found /usr/bin/jwm and then ran it.  The message window at the bottom gave me a bunch of stuff about improper tags, so I looked for a config file.  Finally found it (not sure why I missed it, but I think it's because I keep thinking it's JVM, not JWM), as above, /home/dsl/.jwmrc

That's just an xml file, really, and while I'm not a coder, I can suss out enough to see where there's one too many tags or a tag missing.

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