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Topic: Why do games run so slow?
started by: xmikeox

Posted by xmikeox on Aug. 13 2006,21:49
back when I had winxp on this computer I was able to run quake3, wolfenstein and all tha great stuff but now even that "cube" game in the repository is slowed down to a crawl. what i was wondering is how can I get my computer to get more speed while running games like that, would it be best to run dsl in ram for extra speed? or what?
Posted by Del on Aug. 13 2006,22:07
Ya, running toram mode will increase speed a bit. Also remember that DSL uses a really tiny X server that doesn't do 3D accelerated graphics. You could try installing the full XFree from mydsl and see if that helps.
Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 13 2006,22:30
You will probably also get a significant boost by installing a better driver for your specific video card, if it supports hardware acceleration.  Nvidia, for example, has a proprietary driver which works very well for their cards, but the "nv" driver that is available in most distros does not enable hardware acceleration due to the manufacturer being a dick about not releasing its hardware secrets.

I have a geforce card, and most 3D games play terribly if i use a generic or nv driver.

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