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Topic: fastest nes emulator?
started by: curaga

Posted by curaga on April 09 2007,12:43
What are your experiences about nes emulators for Linux? Which is the fastest?

With Tuxnes I cannot play pal games, audio partly doesn't work and playing is choppy... Probably due to the machine:
Pentium 124mhz (no MMX)
48mb ram & 128mb swap

Tried Darcnes (didn't work) and ines (little better than Tuxnes but still slow). All three were precompiled binaries (I would gain something with optimization) but before trying that, I'd like to know which emulator to work with..

Posted by Jason W on April 09 2007,14:58
I have had good luck with fceu.  I haven't used it in a couple of years, and when I did it was on Vector Linux 4.0.  I remember it having good performance, but that was on a 300mhz machine.
Posted by curaga on April 10 2007,15:12
Aint it just weird? Nes is 8-bit 4-mhz, meaning about 124 times less performance.. And still cannot emulate it playably...
Fce ultra is just available as source, and something doesn't work with my DSL building sys...
Tried building many nes emulators (not FCE though) and only nestra compiled, and then it didn't work with the same error as darcnes ("don't know how to use 4-bit graphics")

I have Gcc1-with-libs.unc and Gnu-utils.unc loaded...

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on April 10 2007,19:10
Maybe you need to enter 4-bit graphics mode...?  Or maybe load the full xf86 server?
Posted by curaga on April 11 2007,14:50
I have full XFree 4.3.0, and why do Tuxnes and ines then work?
Maybe they aren't limited to 4-bit modes...

Posted by curaga on April 24 2007,14:52
Here are my experiences: ines, a precompiled binary, outperforms all, even a fully optimized Fceu.. So use it..

With my comp iNes can emulate playably with sound on 1x screen, or without sound on 2x screen.

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