starts crashing on exit after gtk2 is installed???

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Topic: starts crashing on exit after gtk2 is installed???
started by: rancam

Posted by rancam on Dec. 10 2005,01:35
I have been trying to figure out why my machine is crashing when I press shutdown or just try to exit a window manager.  I reinstalled a hard drive install of DSL 2.0 or 2.1 (both do the same thing) and checked its operation during each application from mydsl I installed.  

After each file was installed I tried to exit the window manager and shutdown.  As soon as I installed the GTK2 portion I was unable to exit or shutdown, I get a solid blue screen. (I thought only windows had a blue screen of death).  I pressed every keyboard combination I can figure out and nothing happens and I need to turn off the machine to get it to reboot.  From what I see it tends to mess up linux alot when you do this.

My machine is a thinkpad 600e, p22 366, 167mb of ram.  Everything works great except this shutdown issue.  

Any help on this is greatly appreciated,



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