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started by: dirwood

Posted by dirwood on Dec. 17 2005,05:16
When I try to run gaim I get the following error.  I am running DSL off of a pendrive.  I am not sure how to fix this problem, any help would be appreciated.

dsl@box:~$ gaim

(gaim:1495): Gdk-WARNING **: Error converting from UTF-8 to STRING: Could not open converter from 'UTF-8' to 'ISO-8859-1'

(gaim:1495): Gdk-WARNING **: Error converting from UTF-8 to STRING: Conversion from character set 'UTF-8' to 'ISO-8859-1' is not supported

(gaim:1495): Pango-WARNING **: No builtin or dynamically loaded modules
were found. Pango will not work correctly. This probably means
there was an error in the creation of:
You may be able to recreate this file by running pango-querymodules.

(gaim:1495): Pango-CRITICAL **: _pango_engine_shape_shape: assertion `PANGO_IS_FONT (font)' failed

Pango-ERROR **: file shape.c: line 75 (pango_shape): assertion failed: (glyphs->num_glyphs > 0)

Posted by rosko on Dec. 23 2005,02:22
i got the same problem
Posted by roberts on Dec. 23 2005,18:58
You need to run the Update_to_Gtk2 on the mydsl section of the menu.
Posted by wkearney99 on Mar. 03 2006,04:03
FWIW, I've got gaim running using DSL 2.2 on an ancient 486DX/75.  I did run the Gtk2 updater first though.  But it's quite happily acting as an MSN messenger client.
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