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started by: tracer

Posted by tracer on Dec. 28 2005,18:21
hy comunity,
i may need some help on gt2-07....dsl.
if try to download it on embedded ver. of DSL, it may do, or not.
just to momentary flavor of machine.

if i try to boot from CD DSL2.0 it absolutely does not WORK! :angry:
it says right at the end of download : Please mount optional Dir. first

its realy anoing to try many times, always with no success, :(
just to find out, that this is needed, to run
is there anyone, who can give a newbee in linux and dsl
a CLEAR instruction how to get this GAMBAS on DSL running? :(

thnx in advance,

Posted by tracer on Jan. 14 2006,22:06
thnx for so much reply. :p
will take som time to understand tem all :blues:

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