Does the VoIP program X-lite work (or similar)?

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Topic: Does the VoIP program X-lite work (or similar)?
started by: houmozu

Posted by houmozu on Mar. 12 2006,20:01
Has anyone made X-lite working in DSL?
I installed it from myDSL but when I click on the icon nothing happens.  :(  It seems like amongst others may be missing. How can I install the missing libraries?

Is there any other easy to use easy to install VoIP programs for DSL that connects to different VoIP service providers?

Thanks in advance! :)

Posted by roberts on Mar. 12 2006,20:44
You need to install the gtk2 support libraries as indicated in the info file. Use mydsl icon and Gtk2 section grab gtk2-0705.dsl once loaded use the system menu to install it.
Posted by jls legalize on Mar. 14 2006,02:20
or put the command
Code Sample
start_gtk2 &

in /opt/ for gtk2 to autostart and gtk2-0705.dsl on the root dir of your dsl media (cd, usb pen, hd partition, etc) or wherever your mydsl=xxxx boot option says.

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Posted by houmozu on Mar. 14 2006,21:14
Thank you very much for your help! Now I have X-lite and Skype running on a USB stick on my VIA mini-itx.  :)
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