gtk2-0705.unc cannot be unloaded

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Topic: gtk2-0705.unc cannot be unloaded
started by: jls legalize

Posted by jls legalize on Jan. 31 2007,15:59
Once gtk2-0705.unc is loaded, it cannot be unloaded, maybe u could write this in the In the info file u could also add this:
It is possible to autoupdate to gtk2 isterting the following line in /opt/
start_gtk2 &

legalize cannabis, etc.

Posted by roberts on Jan. 31 2007,16:41
No unc extension can be dynamatically unloaded. Just as no .dsl can be dynamatically unloaded. Both extension types are not self contained as uci are. Both go away upon reboot. Since /opt/ is included in default backup, using such for transient extensions would make things very complex. However, I will have gtk2 auto-setup upon boot in v3.3 RC1 comming very soon.
Posted by Felson on Jan. 31 2007,17:30
Roberts, you are about to make a new version of the gtk+2 stuff? Could you make a extension for the devs? or a link to where I can find them?
Posted by roberts on Jan. 31 2007,18:33
As I was not the one who repackaged the gtk2 libs, I will email John and see if he has them. I am also exploring the use of the gtk2 libs and app set of dsl-n as unc packages for dsl.
Posted by Felson on Jan. 31 2007,21:41
Thanks Roberts. That would be awesome.
Posted by Felson on Feb. 13 2007,19:31
Hey Robert, Any luck with the libs? Or even which beds they were made from (if they are deb based)
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