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started by: andrewb

Posted by andrewb on Feb. 20 2007,01:16
The version of Gnumeric (1.5.2) in the GTK2 section of the repositry states that only the GTK2 extension is required. In order to get Gnumeric working properly gnupg.dsl and gnu-utils.dsl (or unc) is also required. If gnupg isn't loaded before loading Gnumeric then Gnumeric doesn't start. If gnu-utils isn't loaded then only the first page of a file (or at least an M$-Excel file) is loaded, to see all the pages gnu-utils must be loaded. Don't forget to use the 'Update to GTK2' menu item after loading GTK2.

Can someone please update the info file in the repositry to reflect this information.


Posted by roberts on Feb. 20 2007,20:44
Andrew, Thanks for the feedback.
The info file has been updated.

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