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started by: meo

Posted by meo on May 15 2008,10:56
Hello everybody!

I like K3B and would like an update to this extension that works with gtk2. The size of the extension doesn't matter to me since I'm currently running DSL from an 16 GB SDHC card. It's really slick I might add. Just like a post stamp in size but like 1 mm thick (1/24 of an inch). And the micromate that it comes with isn't that much bigger and has an usb contact so it is found as sda1. So if anyone feels inclined and have the skills (which I'm lacking) I really would appreciate this update. I know that this really is an KDE applikation and that there is an old extension in the repository but this one doesn't work with gtk-2.12.9 loaded as I mentioned in "The Testing Area". So what I would like is an updated extension that does function with gtk-2.12.9 loaded (I use it a lot).

Have fun with this incredible distro as is DSL,

PS I'll probably will get spanked for posting this twice but I think I posted it in the wrong forum at first, but now I'm not sure anymore DS

EDIT: I'm sorry but it seems that I've posted this in the wrong section of the forum. Please just ignore it!

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