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started by: 74dart

Posted by 74dart on Sep. 04 2005,22:47
I've been able to succesfully create a bootable CD and I have been able to successfully create a bootable USB. However,

I can't get Abiword to come up in either version. I am able to install it as a myDsl extension and the icon displays on the desktop, but it won't run. The splash screen flashes up and thats it.

I have tried both versions of Abiword (GTK2, and DSL) and no luck.

I am trying to run it on an older Toshiba laptop (Satellite 335CDS 233 mhz pentium, 96 meg RAM).

When I boot my desktop (2.4 Ghz 512 meg) with the CD version, Abiword works like a champ. The problem only appears on the laptop.

I am using lang=US.

Is it a memory issue ? Any ideas ?

I've had trouble trying to create a swapfile. Is there any info on that ?

Posted by Motte008 on Nov. 14 2005,20:38
I've the same Problem on an ordinary computer. I can't solve it!

If you have enough disk space (ca. 70 MB) try to download
OpenOffice.Org 1.1.0, It's very very good! With Text, Calc (Table)
and Presantation Program, compatible with all MS Office Docs.
It needs a little moment on Bootup but its very fast in the started
System. I highly recommend you to get it! :)

Posted by AwPhuch on Nov. 17 2005,23:52
Make sure you have ample swap space

Some of the MyDSL and UCI are build for older versions and might not work with 1.5 or even 2.0


Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Nov. 18 2005,00:30

Wrong section folks. Questions, etc, about extensions go in the appropriate MyDSL forum area.

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