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Topic: Getting AbiWord up and running
started by: Lunar_Lamp

Posted by Lunar_Lamp on Nov. 22 2005,18:21
Ok, this is what I did:
Downloaded abiword.dsl onto usb flash memory stick
plugged it into dsl-running laptop
booted laptop
opened emelfem (or however you spell it)
browsed to /mnt/sda1 (i think - the correct location anyway)
clicked on abiword.dsl
clicked on MyDsl
listened to the installation whatsit

When I open up abi word, the splash screen has no graphics on it - and when abiword opens, there is no text anywhere.  The menus are represented by dots, which when clicked upon have pull down menus, consisting of dots with icons by some (like, for example save).

It's usable, but I don't want to use it like that.

Does anyone know how or it has gone wrong, and how to sort it out?


Posted by roberts on Nov. 22 2005,20:07
Sounds like a bad download. Did you check the md5 file?
If you use the mydsl icon then checking is automatic.
Both abiword.dsl and the gtk2 version work fine.

Posted by Lunar_Lamp on Nov. 23 2005,09:24
I used the MyDSL icon, and I downloaded the dsl file from the repository.  How can I completely clean all of the abiword files from the laptop, and try again?
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