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started by: silashundt

Posted by silashundt on Dec. 12 2005,04:57
Hello DSL community,
I am a bit of a newb, and so, please treat absrud questions kindly.
I am wondering if a travelers utopia is within reach: if I could use frugal and install DSL on a 512 or 1 gig stick, watch the internet cafes closely and when ever I need to unload some pictures off my digital camera, I could just pop in and throw my pictures from my camera on to that drive. Also, I woulnd't have to worry about sleezy internet cafe folks mucking about with my nicely dsniff'd passwords (don't tell me it cant be done, I have stripped passwords out of hotmail, gmail and yahoo login routines.) Or more just a ghetto banger keystroke logger. Ever since the trip to bulgaria I have been getting spam faster and faster every day....

anyways, niether here nor there.

I have been poking around, and it seems that if I could get the libgphoto2 and gphoto2 installed I would be in business. (I am not SO worried about bloat, I could tolerate even a *gigantic* 75 or 100 MB installed size)

Again, I am a bit of newb. Is this possible. I am willing to work for it, and my unix skills are pretty solid (I am a certified mac os x specialist, if that means anything these days.)

a hint any one? just point me in the right direction....

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Dec. 12 2005,21:39
Multiple posting is bad.


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