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started by: timecmdr

Posted by timecmdr on Mar. 28 2006,09:50
Hi All,

I'm currently looking for an OS for this DIY Project I have of turning an old Dell Latitude CPX into a digital photo frame displaying pictures from a share on my server.

Can DSL achive this and what application would be able to handle the slideshow once booted up?


Posted by kcw118 on May 05 2006,16:05
I'm starting a similar project and found this web site:

< >

The author has very detailed instructions for setting up the software, including scripts for automating the on-off times.  The only thing I'll be trying to do different is to replace my HD with a IDE-to-CF adapter and run everything off of a Compact Flash card.

For other ideas, you can check out:

< >

Hope this helps.

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