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started by: lovdsl

Posted by lovdsl on Mar. 29 2006,05:30
Ok..deleted ramble..could not get cdparinoia to rip..turns out it did not like the 8x cdrom..I swapped for another cdrom drive and it works great .also installed lame and it will use that.
Posted by lovdsl on Mar. 29 2006,07:00 another post someone suggested grip as a ripper and I think mikshaw pointed out that it used cdparinoia but offered a fancy gui..true. the convienience is lost however in that it does not like to save to an alternate directory and does not name the tracks..offline anyway. I like cdparinoia as I can name tracks and put them in the directory I choose.
Posted by lovdsl on Mar. 29 2006,09:25
adding...grip does offer some initial convienience in that you can click tracks to rip and click rip will kick out the cd after the rip and then can find them and rename them later..may come in handy at times.
Posted by cbagger01 on Mar. 29 2006,17:53
Does the


extension work?

Posted by lovdsl on Mar. 29 2006,22:27
Not sure if gcombust works yet..think that is a burner tool and this particular box does not have a burner..the cdrom was not so good either..worked fine until I tried to rip a cd..8x Hmmm..all 8x or just this one.
Posted by cbagger01 on Mar. 30 2006,18:30
You don't need to use the "burner" parts of gcombust.

It also has a "ripper" to dump cd songs into files.

Posted by lovdsl on Mar. 31 2006,00:29
Thanks thats interesting..does it rip as wav or will it also encode to mp3? does it also extract iso..this would allow the extraction of the older version dsl to a hd that I could then put in another machine for install.via boot disk.I think..collecting info on that. maby I should just give it a go.
Posted by cbagger01 on April 01 2006,05:32
It rips as wav.

You can access the contents of an iso file from the command line as a read-only mountpoint directory called isofiles:

mkdir isofiles
mount -t iso9660 -o loop your_iso_file.iso isofiles
cd isofiles

Posted by clivesay on April 01 2006,05:53
Grip does give you complete control of file and directory naming. You can also rip to any directory you like. Maybe I'm not understanding what you are trying to do. Look under the config tab in grip for all the available options.
Posted by lovdsl on April 01 2006,10:30
thanks the ripper workin but good to know..and will try the other later. is likely possible but not obvious. Ya config..binderdundat..are you advertizing or do you have's not really important..curious how it works

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