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started by: lovdsl

Posted by lovdsl on Sep. 01 2006,00:22
I just installed mplayer and opened..started dvd
the vid started in the lower right so I paused and moved the window to center so I could see it..and pressed play. the voice is not in sync with the pic..try another same..stopped and opened menu to look at preferances...fatal crash message..close reopen and try another same...try auto I need to configure something

do I need to add additional files?
1.8 ghz, 750 meg ram..pen install 2.4 I think
can I provide more info
any help appreciated

add...these are commercial dvd's...those with more than one movie per disk will not open at all.. those that are single movie will open but never sync voice with vid..

I read a post that suggests it will work out of the box and the info file suggest no additional files which suggests either config issue or hardware.

the crash is fatal error something ok and second message about cpu  then third error box then closes... will have to get it to crash again to write down the full message..

Oh well..likely hard to understand a problem existing..but none the less

I need sleep

Posted by lovdsl on Sep. 01 2006,19:29 I read the 10 pages of posts via search mplayer..all I got was two mentions mplayer likes mmx and ssc..ok that may not be exact but I do not know what it means anyway..but decided to pump the 68 dvd's in the crate here in and see what I could far 8 ( all 20 century fox) out of 54 work..fight club worked and grapes of wrath, hush hush sweet charlotte, bla,bla, it does work, just has limitations....

does xine work better out of the box on dsl without upgrades? I did not add stuff like xfree86 or additional lib.

Posted by lovdsl on Sep. 01 2006,20:50
danceing with my selhelf...there must have been a if you were thinking of responding you did not get it.

so I went ahead and downloaded xine and found a codec pak in the system folder while it was I need that?...well may as well go get a pen drive as this is going to get excesssive...but positively I rebuilt the dx2 after similar excess and it still delivers as does the p166..all this power and ram has to due more..MORE MoORE..

Posted by lovdsl on Sep. 02 2006,00:10
I installed xine and it will not play any of the 8 movies that mplayer played but does play those that would not, at least those I tryed.

with the 8 xine gives an "error reading NAV packet" and closes
with the others I get a "your system seems too slow, the amoung(guess means amount)of dropped frames is too high"
the movie still plays after I click done on the message box but is choppy for lack of better discription
this is likely do to frames dropped.

question: would more ram solve this issue
the computer is an acer aspire t135 with 750 meg ram and 1.8 ghz..or can I change something in settings regarding frame rate...could not find any thing but not sure what to look for.
positively..the xine was in sync and did show in full screen but was choppy and I could not exit except via ctrl/alt/delete..and restartx. but happy with normal screen if I can solve for slow system error.

Posted by lovdsl on Sep. 02 2006,01:19
well...I give up...xine seems to attempt to play more dvd movies than mplayer..but several times reminds me my machine is too slow when it does play..mplayer did play a few but not in sync..I did watch one full movie on xine in sync and with only four reminders...thats good enough for me...will not waste money on ram with no possible outcome...this is no complaint against dsl or the fine folks who created the would not play anything on this machine via media player.  so its all good...would be nice to have some input but guess thats not going to happen...
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 02 2006,03:42
It might be your dvd drive that's slowing you down.  Make you have enabled dma on it, etc. - it should be better if you can copy them to your hard drive first.

Your system specs should be good enough, unless for some reason your video or audio card is crapping out - which hardware do you have? (I used to use my p2+p3's for playing dvd's)

Also, please use the edit button to edit your posts!

Posted by lovdsl on Sep. 02 2006,14:59
This box actually runs XP so I am useing a lexar pen drive with dsl installed and an external serial modem not enough room to copy dvd's to pen..
I have extensions so use dsl restore=sda1. Would I add dsl dma to that? did not know one could do that.

does the codec pak do anything for the nav packet issue, and does xine search the codec or do I have to manually.

the libdvdcss was that a single file or a series, and where do I find it..debian old, new for dsl

thanks for the response I will try dsl dma..

ps by edit do you mean keep all on one post?..I think this is the right place. I admit I need work on the posting..

adding here....Some how I managed to get the mplayer window to center and this allows more of my movies to sync..
.if I move the window or do other than play it goes out of sync........I had not connected centering the window with the sync as the credits were roleing..
.so many of the movies now play and those that do not will play in xine..
I so far have only three that will not play in either. which I think is very good.
xine seems best also if I just play/stop...
it seems slow to respond during play ie: menu, which is why I thought ram as the pen /w extensions likely uses some of it.
as long as the window will stay centered then I am a happy camper...curious though about what is in one that is not in the other that splits what will play.
anyway glad for the posts but need a brake from reading so think I will watch a movie...did I say how cool that is...

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 06 2006,22:11
Try dsl dma restore=sda1

I can only suggest to get video accereleration and use the xv module for a much smoother video playback experience (esp. during fullscreen).

If you can't, you could always lower your resolution in order to get a virtually larger image on your screen.

If you use mplayer, you can try the -framedrop and -hardframedrop options.

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