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started by: stupid_idiot

Posted by stupid_idiot on Sep. 07 2008,03:02
MPlayer version: 0.90rc2
Patch: < >
Can be built with dietlibc.
- Use gcc 2.95.x.
- Compile and install < >
(The terminal handling code in dietlibc breaks the MPlayer progress indicator -- it doesn't refresh the indicator, it just outputs the text repeatedly.)
- In "config.mak", change "CC = gcc" to "CC = diet gcc".
- In "config.h", comment out (i.e. "//") these 2 lines:
Code Sample
#define HAVE_LRINTF 1
- Comment out this line in "/opt/diet/include/unistd.h":
Code Sample
int open(const char* pathname,int flags, ...) __THROW;
because it is redefined in "libaf/af_*.c".
- Run "make".

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