System locks up at the end of a myDSL download

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Topic: System locks up at the end of a myDSL download
started by: larkl

Posted by larkl on Oct. 07 2005,22:23
I'm working with my old box (32M Ram, frugal install) after replacing an apparently failed HD.  MyDSL worked fine before, now whenever I try it, the system locks up (can't open bash shell, emelfm etc, if I close X I have a whole screen of errors like "cp - unknown command").  I've tried several extensions(streamripper, grip) , but they all do the same thing.  The streamripper files make it onto the folder and are there after re-boot.  But 'running' them from emelfm after re-boot locks it up again.  I've tried alternative locations (/tmp, /mnt/hda3), but no help.  Have just re-re-installed and it's still hosed up.  Any thoughts?
Posted by mikshaw on Oct. 08 2005,05:00
"cp - unknown command" sounds really weird.  What do you get when you enter the command "which cp" in a terminal?  I think your PATH variable may have been broken at some point.
Posted by larkl on Oct. 08 2005,12:42

I tried it again and I'm still locking up, but now with the only error message being "lost X server".

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