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started by: smr_hot

Posted by smr_hot on Oct. 10 2005,00:17
i had installed mplayer from repository two times and the same. it's don't work.
xine works fine.
what can i do?
sorry about my english.
dsl is working great on a compaq presario 1252.
(ask me for more information)

Posted by mikshaw on Oct. 10 2005,03:34
There are two versions of mplayer in the requires xfree86 and one does not.  Which one did you try?
When you say it doesn't work, what exactly do you mean?  Does it not work at all?  Does it not install properly? Does it work poorly?  Do you get any error messages when you try to use it from a terminal?

Posted by smr_hot on Oct. 10 2005,04:14
the problem is when i click on icon it's doesn't work. cpu go to 100% but no run mplayer.
running in terminal is the same problem.
i have download no xfree86 version.
the same version of mplayer works fine on my desktop computer under vmware.
md5sum don't say error. and the program is installed.
even in su mode does't works.
xine works fine, but it's hard to run on this notebook.
dsl is installed in hd and it's the only os on this machine.
every day i speak spanish. gracias amigos!

Posted by smr_hot on Oct. 10 2005,17:51
i'm using fb800x600. is there the problem?
can i solve this?
reading old posts i'd find the same problem.
mpalyer dont't work under framebuffer.
but in ~/.mplayer/mplayer.conf some lines refer to /dev/fb0 and some configurations to run under framebuffer.

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Oct. 10 2005,18:16
Moved to the right forum~
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