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Topic: mplayer stuck and desktop is frozen
started by: ghartl1

Posted by ghartl1 on Nov. 20 2005,14:04

i have made a hd debian install and installed the mplayer from the dsl-repository(plus the codec-package)

so, sometimes,when i play a clip, the mplayer get stuck.
and neither my mouse or a keystroke reacts afterward.(cant get to any console..)
the only way to overcome this problem is to reset the machine..alas.
so the next time when i reboot the system and will use the mplayer, it appears in the stuck mode(mplayer dont react..same game..)

is there any solution availabe??
thanks for your efforts beforehand

by the way..i have no internet-access(so i use the dsl-repository instead of apt get-stuff)

greetings gŁnter

Posted by benzohzz on Dec. 09 2005,19:40
Im really new to all this. I have had the same problem.. using the xfree86 X server and the xfree86.mplayer addon to play fullscreen movies.

The way i fixed it was:
(abuse of the mydsl mirror's bandwidth so far).
deleting the mplayer-xfree86.tar.gz *and .md5 from *my* mydsl dir. Then deleting the mplayer dir, and the linked mplayer dir on *my* ramdisk (then reboot and re-download). You say you dont have internet access, yet you can post and have access to the mydsl extensions which doesnt make much any sense.

I think the propper fix is to exclude the mplayer dir from the backup list by adding it to the xfiletool.lst in your home/dsl dir (i suspect mplayer froze after a reboot?). Anyway, hope this helps someone. (And saves bandwidth =) )

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