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Topic: mplayer with wmv-files
started by: ghartl1

Posted by ghartl1 on Nov. 17 2005,15:45

i have installed dsl on a harddrive in debian-style(from a live-cd)
besides i have no internet access..

it works now i was installing mplayer from the dsl-repository. it works..fine

but how can i enable the player to process wmv-files too??

the usual debian way is to install the win32 dlls.
but i am not really firm with debian(linux)
is there a easier way to overcome the problem??(

thanking before hand for your efforts

greetings gŁnter

Posted by ke4nt1 on Nov. 17 2005,18:50
Grab the codecpak.dsl from the system area of the repository.


Posted by ghartl1 on Nov. 18 2005,15:25 idiot :-))

greetings gŁnter

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