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Topic: MPlayer and video_out device xv
started by: neonuke

Posted by neonuke on Nov. 09 2005,00:23

I've been trying without success to get MPlayer to work on my laptop

It has the following setup right now:
XFree86.dsl X server
Neomagic video card
Cyrix 233MHz with MMX (piece of *** processor)

XF86Config uses the "neomagic" driver
I've tried the MPlayer dsl, the MPlayer-XFree86 dsl AND even tried compiling one myself (compiled WITHOUT CPU detection at run time)

The problem:
Using xv, it says my video_out device isn't found and tells me to try x11 instead

Using x11. I get that the "illegal operation", something about signal 4 error and says that I am running MPlayer on a different CPU than it was compiled with. (This happens for all the dsl packages and even the one I compiled ??? )

(I also notice that while booting, when it detects the CPU, it says its a Cyrix with MMX running at 0MHz ??? )

How do I set up xv? I can't seem to use "xvinfo" either, it's not a valid command.

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