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started by: ubl

Posted by ubl on Nov. 29 2005,17:55
I want to record live in audacity.  I can open sound files and edit them.
but all I get is a hum when I try recording from the microphone or line in.  My sound seems to work fine.  Any sugestions?

Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 29 2005,19:36
It should work without having to do any major tweaking.  Make sure the appropriate input device (Pcm, Line, Mic...) is showing in that dropdown box next to the volume sliders.  Also, make sure the device is not muted or turned down in your audio mixer (e.g. wmix).

By the way, I just uploaded a shiny new version of Audacity a few minutes might show up in the mydsl testing repository sometime before the year's end =o)

Posted by ubl on Nov. 29 2005,23:20
The drop down box beside the volume sliders is blank.  Still can't record anything, yet my sound is working and no volumes are muted.
Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 30 2005,02:23
If the box is blank, and clicking it doesn't give you a list, my only guess is that audacity didn't detect any input devices.  I don't know what to say beyond that.
Posted by ubl on Nov. 30 2005,02:31
Is there any way to configure audacity outside of the program?  I've tried adjusting all the preferences 17 ways to Sunday, nothing.
Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 30 2005,03:34
The only commandline arguments Audacity takes are input files, so i guess all configuration has to be done either within the program, or by modifying the source code.  It might be something outside of Audacity, though.  Even though your audio output works there may be issues with input.  I couldn't say what issues they'd be, far i haven't had any problems with audio in DSL.

Although I didn't see anything specific to this in the changelog, you might consider trying a newer version of the program.  They just released version 1.2.4 today (and as  i said, there is a new unofficial mydsl package for this version), so maybe you'll have better luck with it.  If you're still using 1.2.0 it would be a good idea to upgrade to at least 1.2.2 due to a crash fix while recording.

New Audacity myDSL package:
< >

Posted by ubl on Nov. 30 2005,09:29
Good news, the dropdown menu beside the sliders show with your new build.  Bad news, all I still get is hum when I try recording from any source.  I have other computers running dsl, (live cd and frugal install) and have the same problem with all of them when I try running any recording program (not just audacity).
Posted by ubl on Nov. 30 2005,09:49
More good news I got audacity to record the microphone on my older 133 64mb frugal.  I think the problem might be with my AC_97 sound thingy on my newer one.
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