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started by: d0odman

Posted by d0odman on Dec. 07 2005,11:17
I didn't know where to post this, but I put together a .dsl file (really just a tar.gz renamed to .dsl) for Flash Player 7.  Anyone interested in it?  Where do I send it?
Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Dec. 07 2005,15:06
Flash is proprietary software and cannot be redistributed.

So sayeth Macromedia.

Posted by roberts on Dec. 07 2005,19:26
With newer versions of Firefox, flash player is a single click button install to your home directory while running Firefox. Then because it is in your home directory it will be in the backup.
Posted by d0odman on Dec. 08 2005,22:01
I didn't know flash couldn't be redistributed.  I should probably read their little agreement thing more carefully.

I asked for users of the livecd that aren't able to back up their files to something they can walk away with.  I have DSL installed with the Frugal option to my laptop, so it's a non-issue, but I was using the CD on another computer that didn't need any setup to use the internet (laptop gets it's ethernet incorrectly identified as something that doesn't use the broadcom driver, and the wireless uses the ipw2200 driver, but the one posted in the myDSL repository doesn't work for me, don't get me STARTED on that POS topic...) and was a bit displeased at the fact that I had to grab flash player again to watch the latest old Foamy the squirrel cartoon.  The thought then occurred to me that those changes wouldn't be saved the next time I booted the CD, hence the myDSL package.

Anyway, it was an interesting exercise, to the say the least.  Just thought I'd throw it out there to see if anyone was interested in it.

Posted by roberts on Dec. 08 2005,22:12
I hear what you are saying... That is one reason why I made mkmydsl script.

Nothing stopping you from using mkmydsl with your "custom" dsl extensions. Then you will be all set and ready to go!

I like some of political cartoons on must have flash.

It is just that, we, who distrubute this stuff, have to be so careful.

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