Mccp compression in Tinyfugue?

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Topic: Mccp compression in Tinyfugue?
started by: simonp

Posted by simonp on Dec. 26 2005,06:34
I wondered if the mccp compression flag had been enabled for the MyDsl Tinyfugue build.

Many muds like clients with mccp compression as it can cut the client's bandwidth by 1/4, (and some frequently give bonuses for using it ;-)).

It doesn't look like its enabled, but I may be configuring it wrong.


Posted by clacker on Dec. 28 2005,21:00
I took it from the debian build so I don't know if that flag was enabled or not.  I was able to issue a /set mccp=on command, but I don't know how to check to see if it's really working or not.
Posted by simonp on Dec. 29 2005,01:36
I have /set mccp=on in my .tfrc file, and the mud is telling me mccp is not on for the client.

The MyDSL package is Tinyfugue 4, which if memory serves me correctly, required a patch to compile with mccp.  I believe mccp is now included in Tinyfugue 5 out of the box.  However, I think Tinyfugue 5 is still in the Debian unstable tree.

Could this be a matter of Debian not including the patch, or not compliling with the flag in the stabe tree?

Posted by clacker on Dec. 29 2005,17:16
I used apt get to get the version 5 tf from unstable, but it still didn't seem to handle mccp compression.  All of the connections I made show up as a capital C in the output from /listsockets.

I tried compiling it myself but that also didn't work.

What mud are you tring to connect to?  I read the version 1 of mccp isn't suported by tf, only mccp version 2.

Posted by simonp on Dec. 30 2005,20:08
I'm playing the Aardwolf mud ( or telnet 4000).  On this mud if you type "compress" once logged in, it will tell you if MCCP is on or not.

The admins on the mud confirm TF 4 did not support compression without a third-party patch.  So it would appear the Debian TF 4 package was built without the patch.

I did compile and install the new TF 5 beta on my home system before going on holiday (where I'm using DSL :-)), though I didn't verify if MCCP was working at that time.  I should be able to confirm this when I'm back at home in January.

Once I confirm this, I'll try to post a message for the TF maintainer at Debian, or find how they are compiling TF there.

Posted by clacker on Dec. 31 2005,01:26
simonp, I tried the tf5 again from debian using that mud and the compression does work!  So if you download that you should be fine.  When I got it I used apt-get. I needed to change the /etc/apt/sources.list from stable to unstable, ran apt-get update and then ran

apt-get install tf5 -o APT::Force-LoopBreak=true

I'll look at the libraries and see if having developement versions of those helps with the one I tried to compile.

Posted by clacker on Dec. 31 2005,03:57
OK, I got a version to work for dsl that I compiled from the sources.  It turns out I needed zlib1g in order to get the mccp stuff to work.  I also used the libpcre in case anyone wanted the regular expression stuff.  I'm uploading it now so it should be there in the repository a few days or a week.  I tested it on the site you gave and it told me that the compression was working.  I also used the --prefix switch during the configure so tf knows where the libraries are now.

It looks like it's a fairly full featured client.  triggers, macros, mapping, the works.  Let me know when it's up if it works for you.

Posted by simonp on Dec. 31 2005,08:03
Thanks clacker.  The muds will be very appreciative, as most these days are run on a non-commerical basis and bandwidth is by far the biggest cost.  I'll test out the new build as soon its ready for download.  (I'll also leave a follow-up on the Aardwolf board, as the Linux users will want to know what's happening -- DSL with the screen and tf package (and Winmodem configuration) -- is a godsend for the holidays when mud addicts are away from their regular computers ;-))  

Tinyfugue is indeed an excellent client, all the better because it can be intergrated with the shell and command line.

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