Dillo : how can I accept cookies ?

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Topic: Dillo : how can I accept cookies ?
started by: winux

Posted by winux on Jan. 21 2006,10:31
Hi guys

Everything's in the title: I'm rejected from my yahoo mail w/ the message: "cookies rejected"

I didn't find where I could allow that.

Thx for your help. So far, I cannot acces my mails from DSL!! I'm sure it's possible, but how????


Posted by mikshaw on Jan. 21 2006,16:56
Look at your other post, and please try to cut down on posting the same question in multiple threads...it gets confusing and cluttered (and dillo is not a mydsl extension).
Posted by winux on Jan. 21 2006,17:53
Sorry for the misunderstanding Mikshaw. The idea was not to duplicate the question, it was just a reminder for "clever guys" to take a look at the other post ... which is this one actually!!

I work out the answers (on the wrong post!) because they are interesting.

PS: You cannot imagine how much I've progressed since the first time I played w/ this attractive nice lite Linux, Thx to the entire community. :)

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