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started by: TotalNoob

Posted by TotalNoob on Jan. 29 2006,01:10
this might seem like a silly question, and Im sure its pretty easy, but how do I uninstall xmule that I got from MyDSL??? In fact, how do I uninstall any program I got from MyDSL?
Posted by plinej on Jan. 29 2006,20:13
This question has been asked alot in the forums, I'm sure if you would've done a search you would've found your answer. MyDSL packages are created for frugal or live cd use. I'm assuming you may have a hard drive install if you can't figure out how to uninstall them. On a frugal or live cd you just need to reboot and they'll be gone.
Posted by Radieon on Feb. 03 2006,18:23
I believe you can uninstall most applications through synaptic.  I've done that a couple of times, but I still consider myself inexperienced about these type of things.
Posted by humpty on Feb. 14 2006,19:48
Just re-boot and then look in /home/dsl using emelFM.
Click the 'H' button to unhide files.
Look for a folder something like '.xmule'. Delete it.

there, not such a 'Total' one now eh?  :;):

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