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started by: abc

Posted by abc on Feb. 17 2006,13:48
Opera 7.54u1 doen't work with dsl 2.2b. The first window stops the program. What can I do to unlock it?
Thanks. A.

Posted by F@k3Z on Mar. 02 2006,22:59
mmm I have the same problem.. when Opera starts loads a giant window.. and later nothing appears in that window.. so I dont see anything in the scereen just a Big window,,and I have to give it the Option *Kill Client*and finish... so Opera doesnt WOrK??or what??
Posted by roberts on Mar. 03 2006,02:55
We seem to have so many versions of Opera.
I will delete some of the old versions.
The newer versions are ad free.
Please try the latest version Opera852.dsl it is in the testing area.
I am using it as I write this.

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