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started by: ardyandkari

Posted by ardyandkari on Feb. 26 2006,05:15

i just downloaded elmo.dsl from the mydsl icon and i cannot run it...maybe im just dense or something, but when i double click the elmo.dsl icon in the file manager, the computer goes nuts and starts printing "----end of output----".  im sorry if this has been covered before, but i searched for elmo and couldnt find anything...

thanks alot


Posted by cbagger01 on Feb. 27 2006,05:14
You should be able to activate it by highlighting the file and then push the MYDSL button in the middle of the file manager (Emelfm).

It should then appear on the DSL main menu (Right-Click on some unused part of the desktop)

Posted by ardyandkari on Feb. 27 2006,22:45 didnt come up with a menu item...dont know what im doing wrong...does it matter in which side of the file manager the elmo icon is in??? i used the left side....really reaching now...

trying a restart...

Posted by ardyandkari on Feb. 27 2006,22:54
restart did confused...any help???
Posted by doobit on Feb. 27 2006,23:06
elmo is a command line program. after you load it, open a terminal and type elmo, the hit enter
Posted by ardyandkari on Feb. 27 2006,23:12
YAY!!! thanks so much...

are there a lot of command line programs for dsl???

also, how can i get a program to boot automatically during the boot??? (im used to dos and windows, this is kind of an experiment.)  thanks again....

Posted by doobit on Feb. 27 2006,23:20
There are a few. They are very small in file size and very fast!
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