How to start .uci application again?

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Topic: How to start .uci application again?
started by: lesliek

Posted by lesliek on Feb. 27 2006,05:19
I'm running DSL from a live cd. The computer has a hard disk drive which I have permanently mounted and to which I can write. I downloaded opera850.uci via MyDSL and was able to use Opera for the remainder of the time before I shut down. When I tried to shut down, I was told I had an extension on the ramdisk and asked whether I wanted to save it. I said I did and saved it to hda1.

When I booted up again, I couldn't figure out how to get Opera going again.

Using MLFM as su, I navigated to /mnt/hda1/opera850.uci and tried to open the file. I was told that, to install the extension, I had to be dsl.

I switched to dsl and tried to navigate to the same place, but was denied permission to open hda1.

Is it not possible for me to use opera850.uci, given my present setup?

Posted by roberts on Feb. 27 2006,06:43
Read "Getting Started" there you will see mydsl=hda1 boot option explained
Posted by cbagger01 on Feb. 27 2006,06:50
Hmm.. Maybe this is a problem with the extension saving process.  Maybe your extension file is saved as user "root" with no authority to use it.

Or maybe you just chose a directory or device that is not allowed access by user DSL

You can open Emelfm as Super User and then copy it over to your /home/dsl directory.

Then Right-Click on the file and choose Properties -> User/Group and assign it to user "dsl".

Then close emelfm and open it again as regular user dsl. Highlight the file and press the MYDSL button in emelfm.

Posted by roberts on Feb. 27 2006,07:21
Extensions on external media do not need to be owned by user dsl.
Most hard drive partitions when mounted are owned by root. As such the copy to save extensions from ramdisk upon exit are via an autostarted root emelfm. Using mydsl=hda1 should be all that is necessary. It is a root process that is in effect when booting and the autoloading of extensions occur. Do not place extensions in the home directory as they will also be in the backup which is not desireable.

Posted by lesliek on Feb. 27 2006,08:11
Thanks to both roberts and cbagger1 for their replies.

I hadn't found in "Getting Started" any reference to .uci files, but I took it from what Roberts said that the mydsl=hda1 boot option referred to in "Getting Started" could be used for them too.

I therefore booted up with "dsl restore=hda1 mydsl=hda1" and, sure enough, there was Opera again. I really marvel at the ingenuity involved in DSL!

Thanks again,


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