Problem running deb2dsl for Elinks

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Topic: Problem running deb2dsl for Elinks
started by: pr0f3550r

Posted by pr0f3550r on Mar. 22 2006,18:43
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When it is used according to the instructions, the deb2dsl script will automatically take care of any dependencies and include them into your newly created *.dsl extension file.

When you install a program using apt-get or Synaptic, the package files that are downloaded from the remote site are stored in your apt/archives directory.  This includes any dependencies that are installed as part of the process.

I have a preliminary question: is it worth trying to build a .dsl from a package not in oldstable repository?
If the answer was negative, it'd probably answer the rest of my post.

Thake Elinks for example. It's in stable, testing, unstable.

Firts idea was to load the elinks.deb with sudo dpkg -i and then see the missing bits (tons of libraries).
So I installed gnu-utils.dsl, libc6-dev.dsl, libc6.dsl and libncurses5.dsl to be safe. Rerun dpkg, run /usr/bin/elinks, no joy!

So I went the hard way: dselect, updated to stable, 'apt-get install elinks', 'apt-get -f install'.
Elinks is there, but how to make a dsl?
Run deb2dsl, follwed instructions, the script goes on for a while and exits with tons of errors.

Point is, will I ever be able to create an elinks.dsl, or will I have to adjust stuff with apt at every session?
I am running embedded.

Posted by spock on Mar. 23 2006,02:50
I don't know if there is something specific to running DSL embedded, but in a Frugal install you can make .dsl extensions with debian stable packages. I have amongst others ffmpeg, scid, eboard (eboard.dsl from the repos is made with the beta version from oldstable) and stellarium.dsl (the last one sent for testing). These are all without libc6 (I apt-get libc6 first and then remove it from /var/cache/apt/archives), but they seem to work without libc6.dsl ! The only thing it's not really for very old machines anymore. I'm kind of anticipating DSL with a 2.6 kernel...
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