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Topic: Elmo.dsl
started by: cmanb

Posted by cmanb on June 15 2006,15:27
Had anybody had success in configuring Elmo for a gmail account?  I've googled around a bit and haven't been successful in finding a manual or documentation or even a good description of the elmorc file.
Posted by pr0f3550r on June 16 2006,15:26
These are the generic gmail settings:
< http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=13287 >

But I discourage from using Gmail on anything but the webmail:
1) It just doesn't work as it should.
2) It's a POP protocol, so you'd have either to download all messages on the computer or leave them on the server and download the headers all the times.
3) It's P.I.T.A., though it has 3 Giga.

I use it only as a file storage.

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