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Posted by godfearerdsl on June 16 2006,00:19
I have found apache in the mydsl net download area and have installed it. Upon reboot, the server doesn't restart, even though  it was running before reboot.  I have used the "top" command in order to see what is running, and there are no httpd services running until I manually go to DSL|myDSL|Apache-2.0.54|start.  I assume that I could issue a start service command within .xinitrc from the /ramdisk/home/dsl folder, but haven't been able to find what command should be issued.  Any ideas?

For your information, I am running a Gateway P5-120 120MHz machine with 48 MB ram and hda1 with 300 MB holding the source files, hda2 at about 2.2 GB, and hda3 at about 700 MB allowing swapping.  I have a Frugal install with Grub as the boot loader.

Posted by kerry on June 16 2006,02:24
You just have to look in /.fluxbox/ for the command. It should be ->
sudo /opt/wwwroot/bin/apachectl start

So try adding that to .xinitrc under torsmo if you want it to start no matter what desktop you use.

Posted by godfearerdsl on June 16 2006,03:35
Thanks for pointing out the!  That really helps.  Here is the line I added:

sudo /opt/wwwroot/bin/apachectl start &

I don't know exactly what "&" does, but it seemed important.

I rebooted and it seems to be working now.  Thanks kerry!

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