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started by: austin987

Posted by austin987 on July 03 2006,17:48

I'm trying to get Samba set up on this small office network. It has 11 computers, with win2k and win 98, along with an old AMD-k6 running dsl with a frugal install. Anywho, I'm trying to get samba configured to let anyone access any file on any computer, or print to any printer. I know of the security risk, but the network is relatively secure, firewall etc, and nothing that any user can mess up too terribly (or they know not to). Currently, one must authenticate manually to every computer they wish to connect to. IE, if computer a wants to get a file from computer b, computer a must type in a username/password valid at computer b. I want to have it setup to where a login on computer a will authenticate to the samba server and allow access to computer b, c, etc. Or give guests access to all resources... Enough rambling, on to the question.

Is there a way to have samba authenticate users and two win computers to connect to each other, or should I mount all resources in DSL and allow guests access to all resources?

Thanks in advance

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