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started by: Exsuscito

Posted by Exsuscito on July 12 2006,19:46
I have just recently managed to build and deploy the Privoxy web proxy engine for DSL.  I had originally thought of using Squid, but declined for two reasons:
1.  Squid has too much functionality for our requirements
2.  Privoxy comes with DSL sister distro PuppyLinux

Step one, configuration script
autoheader && autoconf && ./configure --with-user=privoxy --disable-dynamic-pcre --disable-dynamic-pcrs

Step two, build it
make all

Then I manually copied the privoxy files to my DSL box, set the permissions, and basically everything appeared work fine.  

Maybe one of the DSL developers can comment on this or make suggestions

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on July 12 2006,23:17
for the record,
< >

But I guess you'd end up with the same result :)

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