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Topic: X-DSL and installing software.
started by: realjobe

Posted by realjobe on July 16 2006,18:14
Hi there.
I'm terribly sorry if this is in thw wrong section but I'm new here and could need some assistance.
Case: I have XBox with X-DSL version 0.5 installed. I believe that it doesn't matter wheater the system runs on XBox or on PC because the base is the same DamnSmallLinux.
XDSL has kernel 2.4x.

There is this MyDSL whitch is for downloading or upgrading apps I suppose. In the package the is FireFox 1.06 with no plugins or JRE.

Through MyDSL i was able to dowload JRE1.5..info and the JRE is installed correclty so that the Firefox uses it ok. FlashPlugin is installed automatically inside FirewFox when plugin is needed so there's no problem.
How to upgrade to fireFox 1.5? There is .uci file in MyDSL and it downloaded to /tmp but when what? How to proseed?

Threre is also Opera 8.53 in MyDSL and it downloads and installs correclty but it can't find the JRE that is for FireFox?
Where is it, because in opera you can point out the JavaRE place. Also how to install Flash to Opera.

Thank you all for helping me noobie.. ???

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on July 16 2006,23:11
I don't think x-dsl is supported by DSL - you should ask those guys instead..

But your questions seems simple enough.
Use "mydsl-load file.ext" to load any myDSL extension.

If you can point out where jre is in opera, I'd assume you could do the same for flash... I seem to remember that the detection was automatic.. but then I might've forgotten.

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